Friday, October 2, 2015

TD Jakes Message - "The Secret To Elevation"

TD Jakes Message - "The Secret To Elevation"

Regardless of the assignment on your life, your career, or the other circumstances you are currently experiencing, the root of your walk with God must be your FAITH. It is the anchor that holds you fast against the storms of life and propels you into God's purpose and blessings for you. In this timely series, Bishop T.D. Jakes highlights the necessity of living by faith while expounding upon its various facets each believer must appropriate and practice. 

"Jesus said that nothing would be impossible for you. If you believe that word, your entire life would become so exciting!" --Bishop T.D. Jakes 

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Thursday, September 17, 2015

Affiliate Marketing - The Money Is In Commissions


Those that know me, know my background is in Financial Services. Some of the biggest gains that happened during the Major Mergers and Acquisition during the Financial Crisis, as outlined in "Too Big To Fail" by Andrew Sorkin, (Read The Book or Watch The Movie) were those who orchestrated the deals and got big payments (commissions). Commissions rule across multiple industries and Affiliate Marketing is a key player.

According to an Entrepreneur's article, around two billion in Affiliate Marketing fees were paid in 2008, I have no doubt this amount has drastically increased.

The article deals with having your own (preferably multi-page) site and sending traffic to someone elses earning a percentage of commission.

Using these types of links was the subject of my blog over three years ago dealing iwth "Where I See The Money."

So what forums or communities exist to help you learn???

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  • So who are the key Affiliate Networks??? Have a look see at some:

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  • Google AdSense

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    Tuesday, September 15, 2015

    Part 4: Wall Street Custody Middle Office – A Day In The Life Of A Custody A/C Officer (Read This One)

    So after stepping my feet just off the “J” Train at the Broad Street Station for my first job on Wall Street in the Summary of 1981, thirty five years later I figure I learned a thing or two. I miss the old days when most of the securities were in physical form. I actually help Treasury Notes in my hand. Held them together with a “T-Pin” and walked them with an armed guard to the FED (Federal Reserve Bank).  I’m continuing my LinkedIn Pulse first segment in this series, “A Day In The Life Of A Custody A/C Officer”.

    Back in the day, we received so may emails we tried to read them all, but especially the ones who subject ended with “(Read This One). Out the first three segments I’ve done so far in this LinkedIn Pulse series, Read This One. Risk. More of concern post the financial crisis, then pre the financial crisis.  Just a week ago today, The New York Times Dealbook reported on how not just Corporations are going to be held to stricter standards but executives as well. You know how deals get struck with corporations where they get charged lesser fines (though note the less huge) for cooperating, now they only get those lesser fines if they also “give up” the executives and employees who are responsible. So where we thought settlements were huge in the millions nad billions, if there is no cooperation they will be really huge. These can avoided (sometimes not altogether) by tighter Risk controls. There are so many flavors of risk (Financial, Reputational, etc.). One might have thought in the past, “Oh, it’s just a loss, the company will take the loss.”. Now, it evident someone(s) will be held directly accountable and as we have seen, some though not directly accountable will have to “take one for the team”.

    The onus then is on each individual to take their role as being directly responsible to mitigate risk for the firm. Everyone should always be thinking this way, but it’s becoming more evident there is no longer a choice. As a custody account officer servicing Investment Managers, Financial Institutions, etc. I worked with the mindset that the onus is on me to “get in front” of potential risk events as follows:
    1.      Checking Cash Projects early in the morning to ensure that the account was properly funded and ensure the client was aware

    a.     The client could be reflecting a huge O/D at the end of the day. I need to know if they are aware and are funding the projected O/D. If they say they have a large sale to cover the O/D, I need to ensure that sale is matched. On Settlement day it should be in a matched state. If not and it’s an issue with the Counter Party (CP), then the client should be aware

    2.     Checking Trade Settlement Fails for reasons, contacting the Counterparties, Initiating Buy Ins if necessary to cover the Counterparty being short shares
    3.     Ensuring Mutual Funds were moved by the required deadline for the day for proper funding by settlement

    a.     Some funds close very early and if funds are to be swept manually and the cut off is missed those fund remain uninvested thus will not earn the fund interest which may be very higher than the interest earned if any on idle cash.

    4.     Ensuring Corporate Actions (Global & Domestic) were responded to on time, correctly and the client was aware of their options and deadlines

    a.     The Client could have elected to receive Cash on an Exchange Offer but instead the system is showing Shares. It’s critical that the instructions given were exactly what was acted on. It could be a major loss to the client, when trying to get cash for those shares as the price could have changed dramatically.

    5.     Checking that Redemption/Income Payments are occurring correctly on Redemption date.

    It’s important when it comes to “signing your signature” which may be authorized up to a certain amount that you question. If you name is going on it, you need to be sure you can explain what you signed. I’m sorry, but “Just sign it!” doesn’t cut it in our business. You need backup documentation to support what you are signing.

    It’ s important also to not just “do the work” but understand why you are doing it. You need to understand whatever instrument you are dealing with it. I’ve seen situations where items were being labeled as TBA’s (To Be Announced, just before they become Pools of Mortgages), that were not in fact TBA’s. I found out that the persons doing the work had “always done it that way for years”. Metrics were built around this process with Reporting (Internal & External) and it was never questions.  I secured the domain name and  to provide some links relative to the TBA/MBS Process as well as Books and Videos around the subject.

    As an Operational Risk Technical Analyst, I’ve produced reporting around Vendor Risk. It’s important to know the impact of the Vendors being used to your firm. You need to be able to access where the impact is High, Low or Medium. If mission critical applications are being run on Vendor Systems that are High Risk, Risk Assessments need to be done quite often. Questions need to asked ofr the Vendor to determine what they are doing to mitigate risk. Preliminary Risk Assessments will be key to the health of any business.

    Tuesday, September 8, 2015

    Part 3: Wall Street Custody Middle Office – A Day In The Life Of A Custody A/C Officer

    As noted in our previous segment, we are continuing our segment, “Wall Street Custody Middle Office – A Day In the Life of a Custody A/C Officer. In this segment we will cover Foreign Exchange. As noted in my online resume, I got my start in Foreign Exchange in the year 1991. For the next five years I learned a lot about the Foreign Exchange Back Office and interacted with many colleagues in the Middle Office, I would eventually began to work in in 1996 after transferring from FX Support to Investment Manager Services. As I write this piece I am literally walking distance from that location where I got my first glimpse of the FX Support Business at 101 Barclay Street, downtown, Manhattan, NY.

    I started out in the remittance area as an Assistance Supervisor where a lot of retail FX deals take place. I later moved to Confirmations area and the Multi-Agreement Processing (MAP) Unit where I was Supervisor. These groups touched more on the Custody Middle Office Business where I would later work as an Assistant Treasurer and Custody A/C Officer. In these groups, as FX Deals (Spots, Forwards, Swaps, etc.) were done between brokers, confirmations of these deals were also done via phone with the Counter Parties where the Custodian did the FX and well as Swift Messages (MT300) being sent. Confirmations were critical because due to an exchange rate discrepancy, the recorded conversation between the confirming parties was the only real proof used by the FX Investigations Unit. .  As any given point I could be on the phone with say a Middle Office Administrator in the say the Mutual Funds Group, confirming an FX Done with the Middle Office and the FX Trading Front Office for the Mutual fund client.  It was often during the Confirmation Process it was agreed on how the client’s funds would be charged for the US portion of the FX. We had been inputting a code on the FX Details system page to indicate we would process manual tickets to charge the client’s account. I realized that by putting in an alternate code you could charge the client’s account directly via the same System Detail page. The saved the department at least twenty thousand dollars monthly in manual processing and also made the Custodian Bank’s Newsletter as our team earned an award.  Process Improvement is so critical in our business!

    The same Custody Clients I would later serve as a “Single Point Of Contact” were doing massive FX Deals As a Custody client purchased a security in which they had to pay in Egyptian Pounds (EGP), they needed an Foreign Exchange deal to cover that trade. Often they would use their custodian bank to do the Foreign Exchange (Buy EGP and Sell USD) and cover the security purchase.  We are covering the FX part of the deal here but we did cover some parts of the Security deal and what to watch for in our very first segment in this series.

    Of interesting note I found later in my Middle Office activities (back in 2006) is that I found that Egypt had trades that settled over the weekend. The challenge here was that many Custody systems only reflected settlement dates on Business Week Days from Monday through Friday. So while the FX Deal to cover the Egyptian Security Purchase settled on a Monday (crediting the clients account the EGP), the Security may have settled on Sunday (debiting the clients account the EGP). The client’s foreign currency statement which keeps a running daily balance, might reflect an overdraft for Sundays’ Debit, not cleared until Monday. This may result in Debit Interest or Negative Interest. The Sub Custodian (where the settlement of Securities and Cash actually occur in the local market) might not reflect this on their books. Adjustment may just need to be made on your Custodian’s System to correct the debit interest such as a correcting FX deal (Cancel/Replace) to reflect the FX settling Friday, instead of Monday.

    As moved to the Middle Office, whet I learned in the both the Securities and FX Back Office was critical. I knew what went into setting up a Securities Trade as well as an FX Trade because I had done it. When in a crunch for time, I could go right to the right people in the Back Office or even the Front Office Traders because I already had established a relationship.  Whether Internal or External Clients, it’s all about The Relationship!

    Saturday, September 5, 2015

    FX System Has Underground Traders Buzzing

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    Wednesday, September 2, 2015

    Wall Street Custody Middle Office – A Day In The Life Of A Custody A/C Officer (Part 2)

    In my quest to cover “A Day In The Life…”, I present Part 2 in this series.  The Overall them is Client Service and is applicable not just to Custodian Banks Bank and Middle Office, but many other Industries. As noted in my first LinkedIn Pulse Posting, “Wall Street, seen through the eyes of a Student”, I’ve have the opportunity to see “The Street” very early in my career, and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned.
    In our previous segment, we spoke about the monitoring of Trade activity and with primary goal being to “get in front” of potential issues. As I thought about this latest segments one of the things I want to cover is Relationships. I mentioned at the end of the previous segment dealing with locating missing funds for your client where the Paying Agent insists they paid.  So my client, an Investment Manager, had one key question, “Where were the funds?” In my situation, what was missing was an Income Payment in that should have been made in cash. The amount was something like forty thousand dollars.  I had to conduct a series of Conference Calls with the Paying Agent Contacts (My firm actually happened to be the Paying Agent in this case). Key to Client Relationship was continually keeping the client in the loop. Letting the Client know that while I did not yet have a final resolution, I was working on getting one.
    I learned that the Paying Agent paid this payment and all income payments directly to a Central Depository, who in turn was to then credit the various client accounts who were holders of this security. As fortune would have it, I had contacts at the Central Depository having worked there as well and also I kept the contact information of key individuals. I went through the normal channels at the Central Depository who relayed the information that they could not find any payment that was not paid. I then used the Manager contacts I had at the Central Depository in hopes of getting more clarity on what might have happened with the funds.  Through these contacts I found out my client’s funds were sitting in suspense account at the Central Depository unapplied. I had the funds credited to delight of my client. I failed to mention that client in the past on their own opened up their own investigation with our Paying Agent contacts as well as the Central Depository using the regular channels with no results. You want to cultivate your relationships (keeping names and numbers) in your career as you never know when you might come full circle and need assistance. Those relationships were critical in getting the results that my client was not able to get. I also failed to mention that the client had this issue as a long outstanding issue and I took on the whole relationship after this issue had been outstanding for a while. 
    I’ll repeat that it’s important to keep a Client Relationship Management (CRM) database always on hand, which can be an address book in its simplest form. If you regularly email your clients (Internal and External) and sometimes there are both Individuals and Groups, you will want to keep within your address book individual names as well as group names. In a global environment you may have Individuals and Groups located in the U.S., Europe, Asia, Latin America, South Africa, The Middle East, etc.  Trying to remember group names for either Internal or External Clients can be a challenge, having this info immediately available in some email programs as soon as you start typing a name is critical. You may have Counterparty Contacts that you often communicate with, you may want to have a Group Name representing your contacts at that Counterparty. Back in the early days we use to have something called, “The Red Book”. This book contained all the key contacts “On The Street” or rather who did business on Wall Street. The Red Book would have contacts for various Departments. Even if the individual contacts changed, the central number listed in The Red Book would often point you in the right direction. I like electronic copies recorded in an address book, versus sticky notes and sheets of paper whenever possible, ensuring that your data is backed up or archived. 
    Let me also mention that getting the research done and facilitating the conference calls often happened outside of the working hours of nine to five.  As mentioned in our previous segment, it may seem crazy but a lot of what “gets done” in our business is done outside of the hours of nine to five. When you have a group of clients that you service, servicing them all and just dealing with the items settling that day, can take up your nine to five. To “get things done”, you have to, without question, put in time way before nine and way after five and maybe even some weekends.
    I mentioned in my last segment in addition to dealing with the client, you also will find yourself dealing with other groups. Some days you will have to explain to the Accountant why a particular security was booked the way it was booked. They may need characteristics to verify pricing info as an example. Compliance Officers may want to question the details of a payment to a beneficiary to a country on the “Blocked” list.  You may be getting a request from an External Auditor that needs an audited statement. These are the reports that have already been validated by your Accounting Group. In addition to these groups, you have may have various other emergency requests that come up. Investigations alone can often take up a good portion of your day.
    Stay tuned for upcoming segments where we will also cover Foreign Exchange as it relates to our topic with Securities, Cash, Negative and Positive Interest.

    Mike Holman

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015

    Wall Street Custody Middle Office – A Day In The Life Of A Custody A/C Officer (Part 1)

    Having worked in the Back Office and then in the Front Office within the Custodian Space responsible for Domestic and Global Trades, Cash, Income, Corporate Actions and more, I began to reflect on my experiences and decided to start something of a “Day In the Life Of…” series surrounding just “some” of the aspects of the Middle Office.

    As you prepare to start your day working for a Custodian bank, it’s critical that you are mindful of the Financial Markets your clients (in my case primarily Investment Managers) are dealing in. If your clients only deal in Domestic Trading and you are in the U.S. then you know that most of your trades will be settling in the U.S. If your clients do Global Trading your trades can settle in various markets.
    Because of Global Settlement, while you are sleeping say in the U.S. you may be having a trade issue in Asia. To combat this, remote access to your email and even possibly your settlement system is critical. Often trades have an indicator if they have been “PreMarched” based on the system used by your firm and in some cases if trades are not Pre-Matched, you will be able to tell exactly why “Pre-Matching” has not occured (i.e. Counterparty Short, CounterParty know Different Amount, CounterParty has no instructions, etc.) When you notice these “Pre-Matching” fail indicators early you can closely monitor those trades. If you have certain Markets that have become problematic, you can monitor trades in those markets. (Note if certain trades consistently have issues in certain Markets, you may want to get your Network Management Team involved or if that is you, you may want to yourself look into the possibility of changing Sub Custodians. I think it’s very fortunate that you are not always locked into one Sub Custodian, but may often have a choice.

    In dealing with Global Settlements, it’s good to check your Trades due to settle soon are PreMatched if they should be before you leave for the day, maybe later that evening and in the AM before you reach work. It may seem a bit crazy but some markets, the earlier you detect issues the better. You are the key contact your clients have to finding out what’s going on with their Global Trades in their local markets (US, Europe, Asia, Latin America, etc.). At the start of your day, your client’s key questions relate to what can you tell them about the status of their trades. You need to be able to say if a trade is failing, why and what is being done about it. You will rely on your company counterparts in the local markets (settlement teams) for updates and answers.

    During this period it is critical that you have reporting in place for yourself and your client so you can know that status of your trade activity, cash activity (will your accounts be long or short at the end of the settlement day), corporate actions, income, etc. Your reporting will help in Dashboard building/Deep Dive Analysis to determine a number of things such as consistency in trades failing done with certain counterparties or done in certain markets, Cash Projections, Corporate Actions, etc.
    It can’t be overstressed that your client knows that they are your key priority.  They need to know you are going to bat for them to ensure excellence in client service. If you client is an Investment Manager, when they get new clients and need a Custodian, guess who can be at the top of the list?
    When you’re looking for missing client income payments, the paying agent insists they paid, but your client’s account never got paid, Working with The Accountants, Auditors, Compliance and more in the upcoming segments.

    Mike Holman

    Saturday, August 15, 2015

    Free Business Communcations Arsenal for 2015-2016

    Amongst your Free Business Communcations Arsenal Packaging for 2015-2016 you must have at least the following two:

    1) A Free Service for using your computer to Receive and Make Phone Calls
    2) A Free Service to have Conference calls with up to 96 People and be able to reoord and play them back.

    Two packages exist today and are expected to be free for 2015-2016. Beyond that we are uncertain of how "FREE" they will be. Whatever and I mean whatever your business is from "For Profit" to "Not For Profit" you need these two free services.

    You need to be able to dial a number to Host the Conference Calls and you need to be able Host it for Free. Also those calling in need to be able to dial in for Free.

    Even with just the Free Dialing, this is an invaluable services in and of itself. No more waiting for unlimited nights and weekend or low long distances cost, try Free Long Distance costs!

    The services which you may have already heard of are as follows:

    1. Google Voice - To Make the Free Call to Host your Conference Calls
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    Sunday, May 10, 2015

    Pastors Sharon and Michael Holman - The Family Of God

    Pastor Michael Holman of A Wealthy Place COGIC Message: "The Family Of God" (also on - Powerful message which includes the testimony of a My Wife, A Strong Virtuous Woman Of God at Bethel Emmanuel Temple COGIC, Pastor/Supt/Director of Guyana Coalition Of Churches, Curtis Sexton​ Pastor and Founded by Mother/Prophetess and Pastor Sarah Hankins

    Sunday, March 15, 2015

    Getting Your Presentation From The VGA Only Laptop To The Big HDMI Screen

    I needed to project what was on my small laptop screen on to my Bigger Desktop Screen. The Problem was that the Laptop only has VGA and the Desktop only has HDMI.

    The Solutions? A VGA to HDMI Upscaler with Audio. The Company StarTech produces just the item.

    I only found out that a item like this existed when I worked as a Desktop Support Administrator for a Company that rented out Conference Room Space. Quite often customers would come in with VGA only Laptops and needed to Project on the Huge Flat Screen on the Conference Room Wall whicAh only had HDMI. The VGA HDMI Upcaler with Audio was the solution!

    It was just good to know that when I needed Large Projections from any Laptop to an HDMI only enabled screen, The VGA HDMI Upscaler with Audio was a perfect solution.

    It is important to note that where a smaller devices that have an VGA connection and a HDMI connection, BUT they do not project from your VGA Laptop to an HDMI Screen. It's important that you get a Upscaler from VGA to HDMI and that AUDIO is projected. This critical.

    You can be presenting at a Conference or Meeting and need to project (with or without audio) what is on your Laptop to a Big Screen and wondering how to get this done. This may very well be the solution you need.

    If you Laptop already has an HDMI port you are set without using the Upscaler in most cases, but if you only have a VGA connection, a VGA to HDMI Upscaler with Audio might be needed.


    Below is a Video Review of the Product:

    Friday, February 20, 2015

    Playing around in the Facebook Sandbox

    Powerful Facebook Apps For your

    I'd figure I would sum up all of the App's I've developed in the Facebook Developer's Sandbox which include Powerful Facebook Apps!

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    As already mentioned, within Facebook some links within pages you may need to right mouse click and open in a new tab or window as every page such as My Amazon Authors Page, is not eCommerce Driven and thus an SSL Certificate is not needed. 

    YouTube Video Playlist From Facebook Developers:


    Saturday, February 14, 2015

    Maximizing LinkedIn - The Business Network

    Another Top Program Added to our Best Sellers. Excellent Video Intro from a person who has spent years using the Professional Site LinkedIn and offers some interesting Stats and a program on maximizing it to the fullest Pick Up This awesome product at here It's one of the Top Ten Best Sellers in our Ideas Database on Facebook at: LIKE US and click Go To App

    Sunday, February 8, 2015

    Your Contacts

    Your contacts are crucial. Gather up all of your business card and put them in a Contact Database such as where you receive your email. Make sure this program allows you to export them whenever you need to.

    Remember the days of the Palm Pilot? I started out then collecting. I moved those contacts to my then Blackberry service and onto other services I used.

    There are some programs like, Google's Gmail that will automatically add contacts you communicate with via email.  When these same contacts are added to programs such as MS Outlook and GMail or Social Media sites like LinkedIn, you will also see pictures when available of your contacts.

    Some programs will even let you group contacts together so you can have a Group of Friends vs Business Associates within your Contact list. If you are using Google, this contact list with work well with their Google Voice Program as well allowing you to even have specific Voicemail Greetings for certain contacts.

    If you are not digitizing those business cards or even capturing your contacts, start today!

    For an example of Contact Management with Gmail see the below video:

    Wednesday, January 7, 2015

    Bank Custody - The Sub Custodian Network

    Within the Global Bank Custody space is a key component, The Sub Custodian Network. As a  Global Custodian, you can have the best systems and best people to manage the client space but if your Sub Custodian Network is weak, this can cripple your business.

    The settlement of securities and cash is heavily dependent on your Sub Custodian Network. These are the contacts overseas that ensure that your Cash and Securities settle on time.

    You may find that all of your trades (cash and securities) are failing in a foreign market. It may be a time to ensure that your Network Management team is evaluating the service being provided by your Sub Custodian Network overseas. The scorecard show continually low marks, it may be time to change your Sub Custodian. Another Sub Custodian may be settling securities and cash in a more timely manner than the Sub Custodian you are currently using.

    Why is this important? You Custody Clients.  If your client does not have an Investment Manager, they may decide to move the business to another Custodian. If your client does have an Investment Manager they may have the Manager move the business to another Custodian.

    Again, you can have best systems and people, but your trades are failing in one market and no steps are being taking at the Network Management Level, you can lose the business. The clients may not be satisfied with,  "Settlement is slow in that market", particularly if they have an Investment Manager and find that other custodians are settling their trades in that market on time using a different Sub Custodian.  Your task at the Custodian Level is the make the steps if necessary to change the Sub Custodian and communicate the change to the client before the issue reaches a level that causes the client to move the business away from you.

    There can be caste strophic issue with a constant failing Sub Custodian in a particular market.  Quite often your clients depend on the proceeds of a Sale of a foreign security  to fund a potential overdrawn currency balance. If the sale fails, the currency account never get funded unless it's a contractual account that funds the proceeds whether or not the sale settles.  Even in this case you may have to claim the interest earned in the foreign currency back from the client as "undue enrichment" if the failing trade was due to the client and not the sub custodian. These scenarios may happen in any event, but why not make sure your Sub Custodian Network is strong to eliminate that ever being a question?

    Have a Strong Sub Custodian Network with a Network Management team rating the timeliness of settlement along with communicating changes to Settlement Instructions is critical to the custody business.

    By Mike Holman