Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pastor Marvin Winans - (TBN) You Just Don't Wanna Know

Pastor Marvin Winans singing "You Just Don't Wanna Know" Live on TBN from his solo project. Lyrics are below

I hurt so many nights. Cried so many hours.
Trying to make it right. Just didnt have the power.
You ignored all of my tears. In hopes theyd disappear. I tried to let it show.
But I guess you just dont wanna know

I came to you in love. I came to you in earnest.
Could you possibly explain? Why the flames, why the furnace?
Just needing to get it clear. I was hoping you would hear. I tried to let it go.
But I guess you just dont wanna know.

Now its true that God is always there, He said Hed never leave.
But at times the human touch is what I need.
And if I had a dime for every time I tried to call your name.
Some tell me, Id be wealthy.But I learned that I could cope.
I discovered I could make it. In nights so long and cold.
So cold, you dont know how cold. I learned that I could take it.

Now I wouldnt change a thing. Not for the knowledge, not for the knowledge that Ive gained.
I learned that I could grow. I really did, I tried to let it show.
I did. I tried to let it go.But I guess you just dont wanna know.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

One Minute Sermon by Tamara Lowe

Tamara Lowe @ Christ Fellowship
Motivational Rap, one minute sermon.....
Amazingly fast! Motivating the younger generation, particularly rappers!

To be a survivor in this Amazing Race with the need for speed you need God's Grace and if your desperate like housewives watching days of our lives, you can't cope without hope and that is not on a soap. If you're looking to Oprah or Dr. Phil you can shop non-stop or pop a pill, but the void won't fill and the pain won't kill until you love the one that hung on a hill.

Kicking back in your lazy boy easy chair watching Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, nah your not gonna find it there. No American Idol or Council Tribal has the final answer that will satisfy ya. C. S. I. ain't got a clue. S.V.U. don't know what to do Not the E R or the OC not those seen on a CD TV DVD or MP3 can save you and me. CNN has got no Good News here's a headline you must choose. It's not a simple life Paris Hilton, It's treading on thin ice living in sin.

You can be an apprentice for Donald Trump or eat Fear Factor fast food from a dump. You can be a heavy hitter or wheel of fortune winner or a Fox news no spin spinner or flat out sinner but you better check this life that you're livin' and make sure your sins are forgiven. I bet ya 50 cent Elvis done come and went, and eventually every Black-eyed-pea, Gwen Stefani, P-Diddy and Britney. Every wanna-be on M T V with their Icy Bling, every Dixie Chick that Sings, they all gonna see the king of kings. I don't care if you're J-Lo, Leno or Bono. One thing you gotta know. Some day you're gonna die, Bro. Then Where are you gonna go?

Hey, i'm not talking some punk junk that is irrelevant. Like your Grandma's church from way back when. It's not some preacher feature on T B N. that you need to be liking or listening. The real superstar is Jesus Christ. He's the way, He's the truth and the life. One day he's gonna split the sky. He is the brightest light and the highest high and so what I came to say and what I'm telling you is don't buy that stupid stuff they be selling ya. it's all designed to fill your head and waste your space until your dead.

here's the bottom line in my rhyme. Give your life to God while there's still time.